Howeida - a name in oriental dance area!

She studied with various domestic and foreign dancers in her longstanding dance practice - starting with Bert Baladine, Dietlinde Bedauia Karkutli, Mahmoud Rheda, Farida Fahmi, Momo Kadous, Mo Geddawi, Hoda Ibrahim, Magdy El Leisy, Raqia Hassan, Sharon Kihara, Jillina ... she is teaching for a Long time students from 5 years to the mature age and is also a Zumba instructor. Her repertoire includes classical and modern oriental dances, drum solos, folklore from all over the Orient, as well as from Greece and Turkey. Fantasy dances with veils, Isiswings, feather fan, double sabers are also on as Bollywood and Fusion dances medieval and with Poi and Voi! For 25 years she organizes every year shows with many stars of the international dance scene: Beata and Horacio,  Magdy El Leisy,  Illan Riviere,  Giulio Dilemmi, Alexandros,  Leyla Jouvana,  Samara el Said,  Soner Demirci,  Sabuha Shanaz,  Inspirit Bellydancers,  Aela Badiana,  Wicked hips, Selena... She is also director of several performance ensembles:  Nushoum,  Nushoum al Raks,  Banat al Nushoum with which she successfully took part in the German Championships. She is the winner of 3 titles in German Championship: Classical oriental, Folklorics and Fantasy Dances 2017!  Also she performed at Tribal Delight in Virginia, Cairo by Night Festival Serres, Orienta in Frankfurt, OMF Festival Augsburg, Walter Tigers Tubingen, Hugo Boss, IG Metall, SI center and many other major events!