The highlight for every event:

An Oriental show appearance - solo - a duet - threes or in larger groups: every wedding, birthday,  anniversary, company or Christmas party will be an unforgettable event!

Classical and Modern - Oriental dances and drum Solis

Folklore from around the Orient as the stick dance, Nubian dance, Baladi, Saudi, Candlestick dance u.v.m., as well as from Greece and Turkey

Fantasy dances with veil, double veil, Isiswings, feather fan, double saber

Bollywood - versatile performance program!

Tribal Fusion, Medieval, Poi and Voi

Booking reference: 0170/4129218



31.7. - 5.8.2019: Dance travel to Serres/Greece  with visit of

"Cairo by night Festival"

27.-29.9.2019  – Hotel Fortuna Reutlingen-Tübingen

Oriental Rose Festival with mit Salah Rambo & Kaidi Udris Egypt/Estonia, Stella Zahir - Greece, Silvia Brazzoli - Italy, Aliah - Belarus/Poland, Cherine - France, Dzhamilia - Egypt/Russia, Andalee - Tchec. Republique, Rachel Reynolds - USA/Italy